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What to expect:

Your first consultation with Mr Chau be approximately 30 minutes. In this initial appointment Mr Chau will take a full history from you and also undertake a thorough clinical examination. Depending on your condition this examination may include further specialised investigations/treatments such as:

Nasendoscopy - A camera/scope which allows a good view of the nasal cavity which is used to help with the diagnosis of sinusitis etc. A flexible nasendoscopy would be used to allow views of the throat and larynx.

Hearing assessment - With a pure tone audiograms and/or tympanograms.

Microsuction of the ear - The cleaning of the ear under the microscope, usually with a small sucker to remove wax and debris.

Nasal cauterisation - A minor procedure used to treat recurrent nose bleeds which seals the blood vessel using a chemical called silver nitrate.

If any further investigations are required that cannot be completed in the initial consultation such as CT and MRI scans, blood tests, they will be booked for you at either the Rivers or the Highgate, depending on where you were seen and you will be followed up with the results.

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