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No, not always. If you are a self-paying payment then a referral is not required. However if you are insured you can be seen without a referral, however we do advise checking with your insurer first, some policies will not cover you if you don't have an initial referral to see the Consultant from your GP.

If you would like full information and pricing and costs please contact our secretary Kate on 0207 394 3645 or email We will be happy to give you full pricing details prior to your appointment.

If you are considering paying for surgical treatment yourself then the Rivers offer self-pay packages which include all charges (i.e. Consultant fees, Anaesthetist fees, hospital charges etc.) these self-pay packages also include a follow up appointment after your surgery. You can contact the Rivers directly for this or contact our secretary who will be happy to help.

You initial appointment with Mr Chau will be for 30 minutes, follow ups are usually a little shorter but allow at least fifteen minutes.